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Boulogne Calais Port

Corporate Social responsability



Boulogne Calais Port has committed itself to an ambitious sustainable development plan to make the Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais facilities a model with regard to environmental conservation.


It will have to combine efficient operation, an improvement in attractiveness for its users, and operation in harmony with its environment.

At the same time, it will have to ensure sustainable development with an innovative business model


The strategic goals of Boulogne Calais Port will be to:

  • Ensure the satisfaction of its customers, operators and users;
  • Protect the health and ensure the safety of property and people;
  • Preserve everyone's environment and way of life;
  • Ensure attractiveness, support for initiative and innovation;
  • Ensure development and well-being to enhance the collective performance;
  • Adopt ethical, responsible and civic-minded behaviour.

Take part un establishing a sustainable development charter

In line with its active sustainable development policy, Boulogne Calais Port undertakes to play an active role in establishing a Sustainable Development Charter which federates and focuses the actions of all the port’s stakeholders.


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