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Boulogne Calais Port

Discover the port and the Opal Coast

Visit to Boulogne Calais Port


The Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais facilities can be visited on certain conditions.

  • To visit the Boulogne-sur-Mer facility: a partnership has been established between the tourist office of Boulogne-sur-Mer Opal Coast and Boulogne Calais Port. The visits are organized by our partner.

Parvis de Nausicaä - Boulevard Sainte-Beuve

BP 187 - 62203 Boulogne sur Mer cedex

+33 (0)3 21 10 88 10



To visit the Calais facility: in accordance with the ISPS code relating to port security, the Calais facility cannot be opened to the general public for visits.

    For any information, contact:


    Destination Opale Coast


    The Opal Coast is located between the Belgian coast and the Bay of Somme, opposite the cliffs of South-East England bordering the Channel and the North Sea.    

    Come and enjoy a break on the Opal Coast… There you will discover extraordinary views and a rich and unique heritage. Furthermore, numerous activities are proposed to you for young and old, families and groups of friends.



    Useful contacts

    Ferries Calais-douvres

    Up to 3 departures per hour, 24/24 and 7/7

    00:30 P&O Ferries
    01:05 DFDS
    01:35 P&O Ferries
    02:30 DFDS
    02:45 P&O Ferries
    04:15 DFDS
    04:45 P&O Ferries
    05:45 P&O Ferries
    06:10 DFDS
    07:45 P&O Ferries
    07:40 ** Possible delayDFDS
    08:40 P&O Ferries
    09:20 ** Possible delayDFDS
    09:50 P&O Ferries
    10:45 P&O Ferries
    10:55 ** Possible delayDFDS
    11:20 P&O Ferries
    12:35 P&O Ferries
    12:25 ** Possible delayDFDS
    13:25 P&O Ferries
    13:55 ** Possible delayDFDS
    14:20 P&O Ferries
    15:30 DFDS
    15:20 ** Possible delayP&O Ferries
    16:05 P&O Ferries
    16:40 P&O Ferries
    17:00 DFDS
    17:15 P&O Ferries
    17:55 ** Possible delayP&O Ferries
    18:30 DFDS
    18:50 P&O Ferries
    19:55 P&O Ferries
    20:10 DFDS
    20:35 P&O Ferries
    21:40 DFDS
    21:45 P&O Ferries
    23:15 DFDS
    23:35 P&O Ferries
    00:30 P&O Ferries

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