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Boulogne Calais Port

Code of Conduct

Ethical guidelines for working in an atmosphere of trust


Port Boulogne Calais bases its operations on a foundation of core values and beliefs.


It seemed vital to us to share with all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and so on) these fundamental and universally recognised values which underpin the way we share our objectives and the development of our activities.


This is the purpose of our code of ethics. It describes the principles that must guide the behaviour of employees, directors, corporate officers and others, in all circumstances. It also defines the terms of reference that contribute to the development of a culture of trust and integrity within the company.


Although for most of us, these values are implicit, it was important to us, given the size of the company's workforce, to explain in a single document the rules that will apply to everyone.


Port Boulogne Calais provides its employees and partners with access to an alerting system where they can report any activity that does not comply with the principles of its Code of Conduct.


Our Code of conduct


Our guide to whistleblowing procedure


Access the ethical alert platform