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Boulogne Calais Port

Preparing your Calais/Dover crossing

The port of Calais is the 1st French port and 2nd European passenger port. It offers travelers, services and infrastructure acitivities to prepare your journey. Find out here all these services and all information on the preparation of your trip

Ferry operators

Three ferry companies propose crossings from Calais every day (24/7) up to 50 departures per day


Ferry Terminal - Port de Calais

285 Avenue du Mérite Maritime

62100 Calais

Booking and information: +33 (0)3 66 74 03 25





Ferry Terminal - Port de Calais

285 Avenue du Mérite Maritime

62100 Calais

Booking and information: +33 (0)2 32 14 68 50





Ferry Terminal - Port de Calais

285 Avenue du Mérite Maritime

62100 Calais

Booking and information

Website :

Ticket bookings

Calais offers up to 50 departures to Dover each day, 364/365 days a year (except on 25 December).


Tickets are offered for sale at the port of Calais :

- at the ticket office in the ferry terminal for P&O Ferries (7 days a week, 24 hours a day),

- directly to the check-in booths for DFDS and Irish Ferries (7 days a week, 24 hours a day)

or on the website of the shipping companies




Formalities and checks
  • Formalities

The UK remains outside the Schengen Area, so you are strongly advised to comply with British legislation:

  • Check-in

Vehicle and foot passenger check-in takes place at least 60 minutes before boarding (please allow time for checks by the French Border Police and the UK Border Force).


         Vehicles: At the stall of your ferry operator

Foot passengers: At the ticket counter of your ferry operator in the lobby of the Ferry Terminal


  • Checks

After check-in, identity checks are performed at borders by the French Border Police and UK Border Force (UKBF).


NB: If you wish to access the terminal on foot beyond those checks, you must have your ticket and identification documents on you.


  • Maritim Security and Safety

For safety and security reasons, a number of items are subject to restrictions or to the obligation of declaration by the traveler to the shipping company at the check-in.


Knives, firearms and fireworks are strictly prohibited.


Before travel, it is recommand to consult the website of the Ministry of Transport.


Consult the list of the items subject to declaration- private vehicles


Consult the list of the items subject to declaration -pedestrian passengers


Consult security measures apply to liquids, aerosols, gel, cream...


  • What will be the declaration requirements for travellers to the UK from 01/01/2021?

Identity check: no change, passing through the port of Calais to reach the United Kingdom is already subject to an identity check for each traveller by the French and British police authorities.

NB: Passport mandatory since 01/09/2021


Declaration of goods: no change except for the authorised quantities. Please refer to the UK customs website.


VAT recovery: automatic VAT recovery kiosks (PABLO kiosks) are available in the French customs building inside the port near the boarding areas.


  • Immigration

These checks are carried out by the Immigration Service of the UK Border Force immediately after those carried out by the French Border Police.

  • Animals

There are restrictions on the transport of animals to the United Kingdom. It is recommended that you contact the ferry operator with which you are travelling.

The applicable formalities can be found on:


For pets: if you are travelling with a pet, it is imperative you consult the website of the British and French authorities before arriving at the port of Calais.

NB:  If you are travelling with more than 5 pets, please come to the reception desk on the parking PO3.


BREXIT: what are the checks & formalities

The UK leaves the European Union and becomes a third country from 1/1/2021

What are the declarations requirements for travellers to the UK after 31/12/2020?  


  • Identity check: no change, passing through the port of Calais to get to the UK is already subject to an identity check for each traveller by the French and British police authorities.


It is recommended that you travel with your passport.


Warning: from 1/10/2021, a passport will become compulsory to travel to the UK


More information


  • VAT recovery: automatic VAT recovery terminals (PABLO terminals) are installed in the immediate vicinity of identity control areas.


  1. Animal and plant health checks

Certain plants and plant products (flowers, fruit, vegetables, etc.) that may be vectors of disease will be subject to health checks when entering the European Union from the United Kingdom. A detailed list of the products concerned is provided in this guide (in French).

Import of animal products by travellers from the United Kingdom will also be subject to restrictions. Travellers will not be able to carry meat, meat-based products, milk and milk-based products in their luggage, for example.

Pets accompanying British travellers must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Be accompanied by a person responsible for them
  • Be no more than five in number, except in the case of dogs, cats or ferrets attending a competition, show or sporting event
  • Travel with an accompanying document provided, completed and signed by a vet in the country of origin
  • Be declared to customs for inspection

For travelers traveling with more than 5 animals, a passage through the veterinary inspection service (SIVEP) of the port of Calais on arrival in France is mandatory. An appointment should have been made with the SIVEP service before leaving the United Kingdom





Dogs, cats and ferrets from the United Kingdom must also:

  • Be marked: Microchip under the skin or clearly readable tattoo applied before 3 July 2011
  • Bevaccinated against rabies with a vaccination that is up to date
  • Have undergone a laboratory blood test to check the effectiveness of the rabies vaccination. The blood sample must be taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination and at least 3 months before the date of travel. The test must be carried out in an EU-approved blood testing laboratory; a list of such laboratories is provided on the Europa website. The result of the test must be at least 0.5IU/ml. The result is valid throughout the pet’s life: it only needs to be carried out once, provided that rabies vaccinations are kept up to date (booster vaccinations when due).
  • Have an animal health certificate – one for each pet – issued by an official vet established in the United Kingdom. The health certificate must be accompanied by proof of rabies vaccination, a copy of the blood test results specifying the date the sample was taken and a document certifying that the pet has been marked. The animal health certificate is valid for ten days from the date of issue for entry into the EU and must be produced at border controls within that period. The certificate is valid within the EU for four months.

Travellers to the United Kingdom will be subject to British rules on plant and animal health.

Access map




Car parks

Free parking for drop-off and short-term parking is located in front of the ferry terminal.


It is equipped with chargeable charging stations for electric vehicles.


The port of Calais does not currently have parking spaces for medium and long term parking.​

Travelers Services

The port of Calais offers a range of services for travellers on its terminal


You can now enjoy the temporary exhibition "Louis Blériot, conqueror of the Channel"  in the hall of the ferry terminal.


With the commissioning of the new port in October 2021, passengers can now enjoy even greater comfort and more services.

  • Ferry terminal (public area)
    The new terminal, at the entrance to the port, can be recognised by its ochre cladding, designed in homage to Calais Lace.
     New ferry terminal

    Travellers can find the following services there:
    - ticket offices for shipping companies
    - Currency exchange office
    - Shuttles for foot passengers (P&O ferries)
    - Sanitary facilities and nursery
    - Charging stations for smartphones (free)
    - Vending machines (drinks, sandwichs, mixed salad...)
    - Cultural exhibitions
    - Panoramic terrace (1st floor) with an unobstructed view right across the port
    - Outdoor facilities for picnics
    - PRM access (people with reduced mobility)
  • In the pre-boarding areas

"Le Calais"seafront building 


This new, modern, designer building is specially made for travellers, who can find the following services there:


- Duty-free shop

- Cafeteria

- Play area for children

- Relaxation area

- Sanitary facilities and nursery

- PRM access (people with reduced mobility)

- Panoramic view of the harbour

  • Tax refund terminals

VAT recovery terminals for your purchases in France are available at the French Customs premises.

Where to find Tax refund terminals

  • Services Points

There are three Service Points available in the pre-boarding area, with a rest area (toilets, showers, nursery), and vending machines selling hot drinks and treats.

These services points are also equipped with free smartphone charging stations


  • Space Lounge

A comfortable Space Lounge is also available with seating, games for young children, vending machines for drinks and treats and sandwiches... You will also have a picnic area on the outdoor terrace.


IMPORTANT: For your safety, you are requested to always use the designated footpaths.

  • Free WiFi access
  • Animals areas 

For our four-legged friends, several dog zones are set up near the boarding lines and services points.













  • Close to the pre-boarding areas​ 

In the building "Le Calais", on the 1st floor, a cafeteria offers tasty snack and drinks (soft and hot).

On the ground floor, you can do your shopping in the duty free shop.


Several "service points" offer vending machines for soft and hot drinks and sweets.

  • In the immediate vicinity of the Calais facility 

A few minutes from the new ferry terminal, the "Bistrot du port":

on the 2nd floor of the former terminal, a self-service restaurant with panoramic view is accessible to travelers who have not yet passed throughthe border controls but also to the all public (tourists, locals, etc.). Regional or international gastronomy, all “homemade”. Service only for lunch.

By car: 5 mins

For pedestrians: free Ballad’in shuttle from the new ferry terminal (2nd stop) then take the pedestrian bridge                                   


Approx. 20 min : All types of meal service are available: fine food restaurants, traditional French restaurant/pubs, fast-food outlets and takeaways.

Find more information: Calais -Côte d'Opale Tourist Office. 

  • You can also consult the restaurant's map around Calais



A wide variety of hotels across all categories are located in the immediate vicinity of Calais (about 15 min. away).

Find more information:Calais -Côte d'Opale Tourist Office


  • You can also consult the hotel's map around Calais


  • A free "Balad'in" shuttle service links the port (in front of the ferry terminal) and the city centre as well as Calais-Ville station.
  • Non stop from Monday to Saturday (except 25/12 and 01/01) from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (every 22 minutes in the morning and every 11 minutes in the afternoon).

Download the leaflet

  • Car hire

    Europcar France – tél : + 33 (0)3 21 96 73 40

    Enterprise – tél : + 33 (0) 3 21 34 58 45

    Hertz - Tél.  +33 (0)3 21 96 36 84

  • Taxi
    A taxis station is located in front of the Ferry Terminal
  • Bike rental
  • A bicycle rental station "Vel'in" is located in front of the Ferry terminal
  • Many possibilities are proposed to you for your travel in the town of Calais (bus, coach, Div’In, Majest’in, Vel'Inn, etc.).
  • For any information: Espace Vivabus
  • 68, boulevard Lafayette – 62100  Calais – FRANCE
  • Tél : +33 (0)3 21 19 72 72
  • Coaches lines : Flixbus, Blablabus

  • If you are on foot

    Please use Balad'in free service 
What every Brit should know before coming to France

Are you about to go to France? Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your trip!


  • COVID-19:

Due to the evolving health situation, before traveling, it is recommended to consult the conditions of entry to Great Britain and France on the websites of the British and French governments:


UK website


French Ambassy

  • Drive on the right!

Keep your eyes on the road: your French friends drive on the right! Throughout your journey, keep in mind that you must always drive on the right. The same is true for roundabouts and motorways: priority is also given to vehicles arriving from the right. So always pay attention and everything will be... alright.

  • Buy some Euros

France is part of the Euro area. Before you leave, we advise you to contact your bank or a foreign exchange counter to acquire euros. You should also ask your bank about the terms and conditions of payment by credit card within France: charges may apply.

  • Electrical plugs & outlets

This is another detail that visitors often forget: mains outlets are not the same in France and the UK! We recommend you to purchase an AC adapter before you leave so that you can charge and connect your appliances anywhere in the country, as it may be difficult to find adapters on-site. Without an adapter, you can (temporarily) say goodbye to your phone, tablet and other electrical appliances.

  • Safety first

A good traveller is one who travels safely. For the time being, the only insurance you MUST have when travelling in the European Union is third party liability insurance. We suggest you contact your insurer so that you can review the full details of your insurance coverage when travelling abroad. Check these items before you leave - and then, bon voyage!



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Ferries Calais-douvres

Up to 3 departures per hour, 24/24 and 7/7

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