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Boulogne Calais Port

Fish product processing & marketing

Boulogne, the leading centre in Europe for the processing and marketing of seafood


A labelled national competitiveness cluster, the Port of Boulogne combines all the industry's operations on a single site: manning and equipment, tallying, wholesale trading-filleting, sale, shrimp cooking, canning, pre-cooked and prepared meals, production of frozen food products, curing and salting, wrapping, exploitation of co-products, etc.

Around 200 companies in the fishing sector are established on the Capécure zone, attracted by its cold storage facilities and ultra-efficient distribution logistics.


The strength of a network of companies on a single site where all the activities of the seafood product industry are present and interconnected.


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The fish-market road terminal with 112 quays accessible simultaneously, and the private transport hubs, adapted to market changes, facilitate freight transport for the numerous daily or regular lines.


The storage capacity and numerous services are proposed by various operators with regard to packing (freezing tunnel, IQF process, etc.)