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Boulogne Calais Port

Crate washing yard

An efficient packaging washing centre in the very heart of Capécure



The packaging washing station has an ability to adapt and significant responsiveness enabling it to provide a response very closely matching the needs of its customers:

• Flexible engineering allows the washing process to be adapted to all types of packaging: crates, bins, lids, small and large modules, etc.

• This fully electronic system can locate packages throughout the processing operations.

Thus, it is possible to know precisely at all times the number of crates available for delivery.

• At the request of its customers, the washing centre is capable of using the RFID technology.


On the automated lines, 1,000 packages are cleaned and disinfected per hour before being dried, stacked and then stored on the spot. The crates are then placed back in the circuit accompanied by a receipt guaranteeing compliance with health standards.


Opening hours :

Monday to Thursday: 6.00 am - 7.00 pm

Fridays and Saturdays: 6.00 am - 12.45 pm


Find out more:

Pascal Lenel is at your disposal for any further information.

06 76 22 70 37 /


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