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Boulogne Calais Port

The "unacompined" service on the port of Calais reorganized.

Published on 20.12.2018

  • The "unacompined" service on the port of Calais reorganized.

The port of Calais is reorganizing its "unacompined" service: for simplicity, improved traffic flow, time savings.


The expected growth in unaccompanied trailer traffic in the coming years has led Port Boulogne, Calais to carry out a study over the past few months into the organisation of its "Unaccompanied Service", taking into account the current and future needs of its customers and the quality of service they expect.


As a result, since 20 December 2018, the port of Calais has been operating its new platform, dedicated to the traffic of trailers travelling in unaccompanied mode for both import and export. One and the same place to drop off or collect a trailer, one and the same entrance and exit point. This new park covers 3.5 hectares and can accommodate 188 trailers simultaneously.


The new platform will operate 24/7 to accommodate customer requirements.


The new layout, a prefiguration of the future intermodal terminal designed as part of Calais Port 2015, which will occupy an area of 34 hectares and can accommodate several tens of thousands of trailers per year, makes it possible to meet the need for a more efficient and simplified process for our customers and the port of Calais to ensure a higher quality of service.




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