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Boulogne Calais Port

Free Wi-Fi expands on the port of Calais

Published on 07.11.2016

  • Free Wi-Fi expands on the port of Calais

Starting on 7 November 2016, the port’s Wi-Fi service will be free of charge and accessible all across the terminal and the waiting areas.


With 10 million international passengers per year and 1.8 million lorries coming from all over Europe, the port adapted its Wi-Fi offer with a portal accessible in the five most used languages by its clients: French, English, Spanish, German and Polish.


With a total bandwidth of 200Mb/s, the free Wi-Fi network will allow up to 750 simultaneous connections. A « roaming » system has been set up to allow travellers to move freely within the port without having to reconnect their Wi-Fi.


The expansion of the zone covered by free Wi-Fi will be particularly useful for passengers, tourists and professionals as few of them have a French mobile contracts allowing mobile internet access.


How does it work?


Accessible to all through the domain calaisport_freewifi, passengers will simply have to register once and will be automatically recognised in the future. This will be particularly appreciated by lorry drivers who regularly travel between Calais and Dover.