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Boulogne Calais Port


Treat yourself: take advantage of duty-free shops at the terminal or on board your ferry


  • At the terminal, visit the duty-free shop located near the boarding areas (new port) 


This shop, on two levels, offers a range of items to delight travellers:

- Spirits and other alcoholic drinks (*)

-  A selection of perfumes

-  Tobacco (*)

-  High Tech

-  Travel products …


And for fans both big and small, the shop also offers a selection of some of the most sought-after LEGO® kits.


Opening hours of the duty free store: every day from 9:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • On the 1st floor, in case of a little hunger, take advantage of the Calais Coffee (sandwiches, pastries and soft or hot drinks) and its relaxation areas with a breathtaking view of the basin.

Calais Coffee opening hours: every day from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and until 8.00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.



  • On board the ferries: operators offer duty-free shops on all their ships (spirits and other alcoholic drinks, tobacco, perfume, travel products, cosmetics and more).

(*) Tobacco and alcohol abuse can be seriously harmful to your health


Please note:

The items sold in these shops, both in the port and on board ferries, are exclusively reserved for passengers in possession of a boarding pass.


Duty-free purchases are regulated. Please consult the websites of the French and British customs authorities for more information.

Ferries Calais-douvres

Up to 3 departures per hour, 24/24 and 7/7

03:41 ** Possible delayOSCAR WILDE
03:52 ** Possible delayCOTE DES FLANDRESDFDS
04:55 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHMORE
05:29 ** Possible delayP&O LIBERTEP&O Ferries
05:53 ** Possible delayCOTE D'OPALEDFDS
06:26 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHEER
06:48 ** Possible delaySPIRIT OF FRANCEP&O Ferries
07:13 ** Possible delayCOTE DES DUNESDFDS
08:27 ** Possible delayP&O PIONEERP&O Ferries
08:41 ** Possible delayCOTE DES FLANDRESDFDS
09:22 ** Possible delayOSCAR WILDE
10:47 ** Possible delayP&O LIBERTEP&O Ferries
10:56 ** Possible delayCOTE D'OPALEDFDS
11:19 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHMORE
12:07 ** Possible delayCOTE DES DUNESDFDS
12:23 ** Possible delaySPIRIT OF FRANCEP&O Ferries
12:47 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHEER
13:29 ** Possible delayCOTE DES FLANDRESDFDS
13:49 ** Possible delayP&O PIONEERP&O Ferries
14:29 ** Possible delayOSCAR WILDE
15:42 ** Possible delayCOTE D'OPALEDFDS
16:01 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHMORE
16:05 ** Possible delayP&O LIBERTEP&O Ferries
16:58 ** Possible delayCOTE DES DUNESDFDS
17:31 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHEER
17:44 ** Possible delaySPIRIT OF FRANCEP&O Ferries
18:13 ** Possible delayCOTE DES FLANDRESDFDS
19:14 ** Possible delayP&O PIONEERP&O Ferries
19:17 ** Possible delayOSCAR WILDE
20:16 ** Possible delayCOTE D'OPALEDFDS
20:32 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHMORE
21:20 ** Possible delayP&O LIBERTEP&O Ferries
21:26 ** Possible delayCOTE DES DUNESDFDS
21:49 ** Possible delayISLE OF INISHEER

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