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Boulogne Calais Port

MY EASY BREXIT: The port of Calais is ready - are you?

Offering the best possible service to our customers is our priority


The port of Calais sees nearly 2 million trucks and 10 million passengers pass through each year. The seaway remains the most economical way to cross the English Channel.

50 million tonnes of goods are freely traded each year between the United Kingdom and the European continent via the port of Calais. What will happen after Brexit?


The port of Calais has planned and prepared for a "no deal" version since Britain voted for Brexit in 2016.

It is investing 6 million euros in new infrastructure and processes to allow the port of Calais to maintain the smooth flow of its import and export traffic while meeting the new obligations that are anticipated, but not yet defined, in terms of customs, veterinary and phytosanitary declarations.


The port of Calais very quickly mobilised its teams and worked in close collaboration with all the stakeholders in the chain: the Customs services, the maritime operators and state services, the French and British port communities ... with the goal of keeping traffic as fluid as possible by working to create a "smart border" based on the use of advanced information technologies.










From January 31st, 2020, the United Kingdom has officially withdrawn form the European Union. However, during the negotiation period which has started, THERE IS NO CHANGE FOR THE BORDER CROSSING FOR PERSONS, VEHICLES AND GOODS.



Warning: these processes may change based on the eventual agreements between Europe and the United Kingdom by Brexit's entry into force.


To ensure the smooth flow of traffic and offer the best service possible, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that the customs declarations have been made to the French and British customs before HGVs arrive at the port of Calais or when leaving the port of Dover.



BREXIT : a smart border (Customs video)





Ferries Calais-douvres

Up to 3 departures per hour, 24/24 and 7/7

05:25 ** Possible delay Spirit of France P&O Ferries
06:10 Côtes des Flandres DFDS
08:30 Spirit of Britain P&O Ferries
10:10 ** Possible delay Spirit of France P&O Ferries
11:05 Côtes des Flandres DFDS
12:25 Calais Seaways DFDS
13:10 Spirit of Britain P&O Ferries
13:50 Côte des Dunes DFDS
14:45 Spirit of France P&O Ferries
15:40 Côtes des Flandres DFDS
16:15 Pride of Kent P&O Ferries
17:00 Calais Seaways DFDS
17:50 Spirit of Britain P&O Ferries
18:30 Côte des Dunes DFDS
19:25 Spirit of France P&O Ferries
20:15 Côtes des Flandres DFDS
21:40 Calais Seaways DFDS
22:35 Spirit of Britain P&O Ferries
23:55 Spirit of France P&O Ferries
04:15 Côte des Dunes DFDS
06:50 Pride of Kent P&O Ferries

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